September 17, 08 - New tour dates added for Pacific UV, Don Chambers & Liz Durrett
Just added a bunch of new dates to the show page...

We're excited to hear (and you should be, too) that PacUV is headed for a three week tour in October. The band will be traveling all up and down the west coast. Here's hoping they won't get their van broken into this time.

Don Chambers & Goat just set out on tour with fellow Athens compatriates Drive-By Truckers. Aside from that tour, he'll be headlining a few shows as well.

Liz Durrett added only one show at this time - so this is your only chance to see her perform the new songs from her new album. If you can't fly, bike, hitch, paddle-boat to Atlanta on Sept 18, don't worry - she has promised many additional shows in late fall/early winter.