November 10, 06 - PacUV ep available now!
At just under 20 minutes, EP fills the void and vacuum of Pacifc UV's former signature space with driving guitars, disgruntled electronics and remorseful lyrics. Always looking forwards and backwards, the Pacific UV sound pulls from both the future and the past. Singer/guitarist's Howard Hudson's voice could easily be emanating from the tinny, mono radio of a 1955 concept car - while guitarist Clay Jordan manages to somehow utilize effects pedals that have yet to be invented. Additional performances by Liz Durrett, Jesse Flavin (Phosphorescent) and Steve Scarbourough (Maserati) help turn EP into what could be the soundtrack for the more abrasive dreams of Phil Spector and/or Joe Meek. To close things out, Pacific UV enlists the help of Portland's ambient experimentalist Eluvium (Matt Cooper) to expertly redefine/recreate a track from Pacific UV's 2003 debut (lapd vs. nypd).