October 16, 05 - Liz Durrett second album "The Mezzanine" set for release
WARM Electronic Recordings will release Liz Durrett?s second album, ?The Mezzanine?, on January 24. ?The Mezzanine features eleven new Durrett songs:

1. Knives At The Wall
2. All The Spokes
3. Cup On The Counter
4. In The Mezzanine
5. CreepyAsKudzu
6. Marlene
7. Silent Partner
8. Shivering Assembly
9. Little Ascendant
10. No Apology
11. In The Throes

"The Mezzanine" was produced by Vic Chesnutt, who has worked with Durrett on her previous album, ?Husk?. The new album was recorded by Andy Baker (Macha, Japancakes, Glands) in Athens, GA,

Liz Durrett is planning a tour to accompany the release of the album. Date and venue information to be announced.

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