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Released: February 19, 2008

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1. Alarmist
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2. Need
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3. Tremolo
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4. Something Told Us
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5. Waiting
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6. Arson
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7. If So
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8. Ljiv
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At first listen, it might be tempting to lump Pacific UV into the pile of the umpteen number of shoegaze bands that currently worship at the alter of Spacemen 3. But if you listen further, and dig deeper as their followers already have, you?ll notice that there?s much more that?s going on under that pretty dreampop surface. There has to be, considering the changes that the band has undergone in the past few years.

The band practically imploded while recording their first full length in 2003, Longplay 1. What survived was a record that garnered critical praise from the likes of Magnet and The Big Takeover as well as prompting Rolling Stone to call the album?a masterpiece.? After an exhaustive tour (that ended with most of their gear stolen outside of a NYC venue), tension was high. Co-founders Clay Jordan (guitar) and Howard Hudson (guitar, voice) amicably split as recording for the follow-up EP was underway - leaving Jordan holding onto all their remaining reverb pedals. A fitting swan song to Hudson?s involvement in the band, ?EP? reflected more of their live show and provided more intensity than the band had previously produced in the studio. After the split, Jordan, who was now the sole remaining member of Pacific UV, wisely decided to relocated from Athens to Portland for a change of temperature.

It obviously worked. February of 2008, Jordan and his new OR bandmates (Mike Erwin on keyboards, Kevin Davis on guitar and drones, and Jesse Robert W on drums) release the follow up album to Longplay 1. Strangely, and despite all the changes in personel, ?Longplay 2? is a fitting sequel to the debut album. Think Phil Spector directing Kevin Shields as Pink Floyd and you might get the idea. Lyrically there?s something added too, with words creating a mood akin to the ambient shadow of a Lee Friedlander photograph or the dripping Southern Gothic intuition of a Tennesse Williams script.

Don?t get us wrong, there are plenty of electronic blips and disgruntled electronics that whip around and weave themselves in a way that even Jason Pierce would be proud of. But there?s something else moving under there as well?