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Athens, GA trio founded December 2005 by P.L. Noon, former member for NYC band Parker and Lily, and named after their final release 'The Low Lows' (2004). The new band embodies certain formerly dormant aspects of Parker and Lily's strange sound. The implicit tension, not to say violence, that underlaid that group's characteristically dense strata of organs and vibraphones, horns and strings, has been made overt, fashioned into a weapon. Noon?s voice has evolved radically into a high wail evocative of Neil Young or Jim James, telling troubled stories obscurely with precise, sad lyrical modernism. The fractured and fragmented drumming of Jeremy Wheatly & the rhythm guitar and sad baritone vocal harmonies of Daniel Rickard make The Low Lows? live show a study of extremes. Stark southern sweetness gives way unexpectedly to great storms of guitar noise, bright walls of country narcosis crumble into climatic, stomping feedback distortion. Pure melodic love songs abound, made all the sweeter by virtue of being hemmed in by such a stormy darkness. The sonic safety net provided by bass and keyboards having been eliminated, what remains are brutally sparse Palace-isms on the one hand, & on the other the sweepingly noisy another styles of My Morning Jacket & Galaxie 500.

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